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    eBay, PayPal, Opera announce mobile payment innovations at MWC

    # 2012-02-28 11:38:00, Engadget
    Nope, "Grease" isn't the word, it's "Mobile Payments," or at least it would be if it wasn't technically two words. Still, eBay, PayPal and Opera have used the fiesta atmosphere at MWC to promote their services, as you do. eBay's partnered with UK carrier Three, which will now pre-install the auction site's apps on all the Android phones it sells. It's also teamed up with hotelier Yotel and Iberian ticketing service Entradas to offer quick-and-easy payments for the same. Meanwhile, Opera has launched the Opera Payment Exchange (OPX), aiming to democratize the space by making secure commerce available on any form of feature phone, rather than just top-level smartphones. Finally, PayPal has rolled out a new payments system to Home Depot nationwide. Every branch will be equipped to handle payments from the online agency using a card or cellphone and PIN combination. After the break we've got the details for all three, suffice to say it won't be long before you can spend every penny you'v...
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